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GoDaddy is one of the largest hosting providers in the world today, with more than 30 million domains to its credit.

With different options that adapt to every user’s needs, their Deluxe plan with 150 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 500 email accounts and much more, starting at €3.79/month, is everything you might need for your business hosting. Every GoDaddy plan has for you full-featured hosting with, plenty of available add-ons: website builders, business plans, add-on services, additional email accounts, SSL security options and much more. No matter if you're a Linux or a Windows user, you'll find all the tools you need to build the web hosting plan you want.

As one of the most powerful players in the European market, GoDaddy keeps attracting more loyal customers daily, expanding their loyal community of users.

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Value - 8.5/10

GoDaddy may not have the most competitive prices on the market, but their plans are more than generous and fair. With unlimited bandwidth and a great amount of disk space, every GoDaddy shared hosting plan, either its version for Windows or the one for Linux users, includes at least 500 free email accounts, 10 MySQL Databases, plus forums, photo galleries, blogging, and a variety of free pre-installed and add-on software applications and an unlimited amount of email forwards.

The best shared hosting option, is the Deluxe plan with 150 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 500 email accounts and much more, starting at €3.79/month.

GoDaddy also offers affordable add-ons for each one of their available plans, just be sure that you are getting something you need.

Reliability - 9/10

As one of the most established hosting providers, GoDaddy owns and maintains its own top-level data centers and offers the industry standard 99.9% uptime guarantee. Knowing that the servers that control your hosting are close by, will give you an extra peace of mind.

With European-based servers, best-of-breed routers, firewalls, servers and infrastructure, GoDaddy will help keep your site up, accessible and always operating at full-efficiency, every moment of everyday!

Control Panel - 8/10

Basic and up to industry’s standards, you can find the most common menus like domain names, emails, websites, customer info etc, on the center of the panel. GoDaddy control panel can be a bit controversial, as it serves as an advertising forum for all of GoDaddy’s internet services, and might be a bit challenging to navigate at the beginning.

However, once you have learned how to navigate it, you'll find a functional control panel with everything you need to build, manage and maintain your site.

Customer Support - 7.5/10

GoDaddy has as central tech support a wide database of self-help tools, from searchable hosting help center, forums, a community library to an active blog. The GoDaddy Community helps users, new and old, find answers to their doubts and problems, exchange ideas, and develop better websites.

GoDaddy telephone support is not toll-free, and it has a display where the expected wait time for telephone support and service is shown. But GoDaddy also provides an email support system that’s the ideal choice for most web hosting customers.

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